Chastity Is...

Chastity Is...     

A special help from God
that enables me to: 

recognize my sexuality as beautiful and good
respect my sexuality and my fertility
control my sexual powers
control my sexual thoughts and desires
live my gift of sexuality the way God intended
save the gift of myself for marriage
love and respect my spouse.

Chastity is...
a gift from God
for every person in every state of life
a powerful virtue
a foundation for real intimacy
purity of mind and body
protection of my dignity as a human person
freedom to love.

Chastity is...
sexual goodness
sexual self-control
never using another person
good for me
good for my soul
good for the people I love
pleasing to God.

Chastity is...
not always easy, but it is always possible with God's help.

Chastity is...
worth it because I'm worth it...
and so is my spouse.

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