Examples of Chastity in the Bible
(Old Testament)

Tobit, Tobias, and the Angel

Tobit- part of the Aprocrypha in Protestant Bibles- is the story of a devout Jewish man, his wife Anna (or Hannah), and their son Tobias. As the Assyrians completed the conquest of the northern kingdom of Israel(721 B.C.), the family was deported to Ninevah, the Assyrian capital.

In an alien land, Tobit held fast to his beliefs. He boldly refused to stop arranging for the proper burial of his fellow Jews, who were persecuted by King Sennacherib (reigned 705-681 B.C.) and his successor Esahaddon.

Though each burial rendered Tobit ritually unclean according to the laws of Moses, he faithfully observed the required cleanliness rituals. One night, however, when he fell asleep before performing the rites, sparrow droppings fell into his eyes and blinded him. For eight years he prayed to have his sight restored.

His prayers were answered in a roundabout way--mainly through the adventures of his son Tobias, aided at every turn by the archangel Raphael. One night when they camped by the Tigris River, a fish leapt from the water. Tobias caught and ate it, but on Raphaels advice kept the heart, liver, and gall of the fish.

Raphael led Tobias to the beautiful Sarah, unmarried because the demon Asmodeus has killed each of her seven husbands. Marrying Sarah, Tobias drove away Asmodeus by burning the fish's heart and liver on an incense fire in the bridal chamber.

At last Tobias returned home with Sarah and Raphael. Tobias took out the fish gall and placed it upon his father's eyes, restoring Tobit's sight.

After a long prayer of praise and rejoicing, the story ends with Tobit telling Tobias to leave Nineveh before the city's predicted destruction.

Read the Old Testament Book of Tobit for a Most Interesting Love Story

Tobias and his bride sleep blissfully after exorcising a vengeful demon

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